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Gift Guide: Valentines Day

Gift Guide: Valentines Day

I must say, I like Valentines Day. People complain about how commercial it is and you should celebrate the (current) love of your life every day not just when you’re told to, blah, blah, blah. All wonderful in theory, but I know a lot of people, who let’s face it, aren’t so good at the romance and sort of suck at spontaneous romantic gestures. Valentines Day means that should you be with someone who isn’t so great at it all, it’s almost a give-in that you will have a lovey-dovey moment on February 14th. So, if you’re waiting for a stroke of inspiration, check out this gift guide I have put together, and a list of other ideas, just for you!

Foxes Blog Gift Guide Valentines Day 2014 1. Brass Heart earrings from Jam 2. A Sentence A Day inspiration book from Kikki K 3. Hello Beautiful cushion by Allyson Johnson 4. Graphic Heart cushion by Mareike Böhmer Graphics (both from Society 6) 5. Wary Meyers candle from Douglas & Bec 6. Cassette Tape stamp from Yellow Brick Road 7. Perfect badge from Sensitive Boyfriend 8. Mr & Mrs pillow cases from The Art Room 9. Solid Gold Stacking Rings from Mary John 10. Bat Your Lashes lingerie from For Love & Lemons

Stuck for cash or you don’t want to make it all commercial? Here are a few ideas…

  • Rent (don’t download) your significant others favourite movie and set up a romantic picnic on the living room floor, complete with picnic rug and snacks
  • Cook a special dinner and set the table properly (table-cloth, matching cutlery, candles, the works) and strike up some amazing conversation, much like the one that won them over in the first place
  • If it’s a nice evening, go for a walk and grab fish and chips to eat on the beach or at the park
  • Breakfast in bed, always a winner
  • Make a mix CD and design an awesome cover/sleeve explaining why you chose each song

Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!