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Gather Magazine

Gather Magazine is COMING!

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I am launching my very own, printed magazine coming in the new year!! Gather Magazine… I think it’s every bloggers dream to have their very own, tactile magazine. It’s been such an amazing project to plan, and so close to my heart that actually putting it out there has been slightly terrifying. This project has essentially been ten years in the making…. Probably longer if I really sit down and think about it (since I could hold a pencil?).

When I grew up I wanted nothing more than to be a designer, I didn’t know what a graphic designer was way back then, but I would constantly design book cover pages, posters and invitations for my toys, often pinching my dads super expensive, paintbrush like pens he used as a Draughtsman for his concept drawings. I was obsessed with fashion, creating pieces for my dolls from scraps of fabric from my mothers sewing, held together with ribbons and paperclips. One of my first (and most treasured toys) was a ‘flip and fold’ wooden doll, it had two plates that you would sandwich together and create designs from bits of fabric. In primary school and I was selling my bubble writing to friends for their pocket money, or a ‘Juicie’ ice-block if it was a Friday.

I knew design was in my future, it had to be. Now, as I sit in my own office, with a successful design studio under my wing with Oh Gosh, I’m ready to finally realise that dream with something as complimentary as Gather Magazine.

I’ve met so many amazing people since I moved out of Auckland, they’re really the ones that have inspired me to start (that, and about 50 people who said “you know, you should start your own magazine”). I’ve always been about helping others showcase their business, after all, that is what design is. With the Auckland Fair, this was especially true, and now I am excited to create this new platform.

While this has been a dream of mine forever, it’s long been an aspiration for my editorial team and they are equally as pumped as I am. Kirsty Millar of Dot Wordsmith who is a Mangawhai local, she will be joining me as Lead Editor, she actually did a ‘woo-hoo!’ when I asked her to be involved, she was beyond excited to have that Editor role in her cap. We are joined by Chantelle Campbell of Food by Chantelle as Food Editor, my Mangawhai bestie who creates the most incredible food, she is so passionate about what she does and takes so much joy from her job. I just couldn’t imagine this magazine without their passion and trust.

Gather Magazine is all about gathering, collecting and curating the special places you wish you knew, the people and businesses to inspire, and the very best spots to eat, shop and do between Silverdale + Whangarei. Gather is about proving that you don’t have to be living in a large city, like Auckland, to still feel connected to an entrepreneurial spirit, there is innovation and creativity everywhere, it’s just a bit more spread out — so we Gather, we bring together, and we lift!

Filled with feature profiles, design, architecture, fashion, shopping, food, art, culture, interiors, weddings, DIY and events through intelligently written, interesting articles. Produced by a team of professionals, Gather Magazine delivers an image rich publication, with stunning, contemporary photography and styling.

Our first issue will be published in late January, Gather Magazine will be a beautiful, perfect bound, tactile magazine that will be produced Bi-monthly and free. It will be available from hand selected pick up points across our region, as well as in Auckland Central and the North Shore, you can read our mag online or have a paid subscription for direct to your door delivery.

Be sure to check out our website for a taste of our articles, and if you’d like to advertise or support us in some way, get in touch!