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Foxes Travels: Fiji

Foxes Travels: Fiji

Three (very long) months ago, I decided to book a holiday for Lil G and I, on an absolute whim and finally, finally that three months is (almost) up! We leave on Friday for 6 days of holiday times in Fiji on Denarau Island.

This will be our first family holiday and the first holiday that I have been on where it’s purely, just a holiday. Not to live or work overseas, not to spend the whole time racing about seeing sights and visiting galleries, we will be there purely to relax and my biggest problems? They will be sand in my sunscreen, what kind of novelty umbrella will go in my cocktail, and should I go swimming before or after my massage? Yes. Yes. Thank you.

We haven’t planned too much, our only ‘outing’ will be heading out for a day cruise, visiting 5 islands on a historical yacht for snorkelling and a glass bottom boat tour. I can’t wait!

So what do you pack to wear for such a self focussed holiday? At least 3 hats (hey, I need options) some floaty skirts and strappy sandals… Here are some of my must haves…

Packing for Fiji

This is a portion of what I’m taking (you really don’t need to see my PJ’s, or my snacks for that matter), everything I’ve chosen can be worn together and matches. I’ve chosen black (but of course!) with a few items to bring a pop of colour, but I’m still me and want to be me while on holiday. Tops are black and white, loose fitting with a mini, pair of shorts and long chiffon skirt as options. Shoes; keeping it simple with jandals/flip flops/thongs for the day, sandals for dinner ($24 from The Warehouse) and canvas flats for the plane. I’ve ditched the handbag for a large hold all canvas tote (from Cotton On), I’ll be taking my kindle full of books and my iPad for the mini-me to play on. Two bathing suits (L Bikini from Dotti $39 and R from 1 piece from Glassons). As I’m literally going to an island, I’m keeping make-up simple; paw paw for lips, dry shampoo for the fringe, mascara, light foundation (Dream Mousse from Maybelline) and a selection of hair ties (from Pretty Buns Boutique).

Travel Items

So the iPod is crammed full of music, the cameras are charged, the kindle is full of books to read and Lil G is bouncing off the walls with excitement… see you in a week or so with some (hopefully) amazing photo’s!