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Foxes In Fiji: Bula!

Foxes In Fiji: Bula!

The only way I can describe our trip, was absolutely magical! It was brilliant, we made new friends, saw beautiful places, relaxed and ate delicious food — what more could you want from a holiday! I got really sick with a chest infection after coming home (boo!) but it hasn’t put me off daydreaming already about another trip in a few years…

We stayed at the Sheraton, right at the end of Denerau Island and we had the most amazing view from our room (second image) the hotel was just gorgeous and the staff were so friendly, they have lots of weddings there and the little chapel just by our suite was too cute. We had one day cruise planned to Tivua Island, a very tiny island where there are nesting sea turtles and lots of tropical fish swimming through coral! We went on a beautiful sailing ship (rather than a launch) and it was perfect weather. Once there were swam with the fish, explored the island and lazed about. Walking along the beach and looking out at the amazing blue of the ocean was just incredible. On the way back our guides cracked out the guitar and everyone sang the whole way back to port.

The rest of our holiday was mainly swimming, enjoying the food (and cocktails!) and the company of our new friends who are such lovely people and I’m so pleased we’ve stayed in touch. I really feel so lucky to have been able to do this and share the experience with my daughter, I wanted to ensure Lil G knew it was special and not something we’ll be doing all the time. Here are some of my favourite photos…