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Just as I’m sitting down to write this post about my office, I’m thinking “I might move this all around today”, always the way. It never stays the same for long. As you know, I work from my home office in Mangawhai, running my creative design studio, Oh Gosh. It’s a bit of a busy place that I absolutely love to work in. Lots of natural light, windows with views to green spaces and is beyond organised.

My office space is next to my kitchen in the main part of my house. There is a place for everything and I am equipped with everything I need. I have two desk spaces set up as I sometimes have people come in and work for me, depending on the kind of project I have on. It’s great to have someone else to break things up, but I do love working on my own, I tend to talk to myself (or the animals) a lot and I’m sure it would drive others mental. My dog Jasper is usually hanging under my desk, and our latest fur baby, Frankie the kitten, isn’t far away either.

Working from home really suits me, I’ve always found that I can be more focussed and stay motivated when I can go into my own bubble. I have sort of set work hours, but I do love the flexibility of being able to catch up on work in the evenings if I have other things I have to do during the day.

Jump to the bottom of the post for the shopping list to find some of the items shown.

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