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Favourite Fonts

Favourite Fonts

My name is Jessica, and I love typography. A lot. A whole lot. I’d love to be able to design my own typeface, but I am my own worst critic (that, and I would hate for it to be abused with terrible kerning or similar and have no control over it once it’s out there, so there you go) so it hasn’t happened yet.

These are some of my absolute favourite fonts, I use a lot of these in my design work and 3 of them are on this blog because I love them so much. Some are free (yay!) and some are not, but they are absolutely worth every penny. I’m a little secretive about fonts I like; when I get a good one I hide it away so I can use it and only share the knowledge with my designer friends. But sharing is caring.

The right typeface can completely change a design, just like the wrong one can. I’m not going to preach on about all that, this post is about sharing the love and some of my favourite finds with you! The deal is, once you have this powerful knowledge, it must be only used for good. Enjoy!

Favourite-Fonts-March-2014Din, Adam Gorry, Quicksand, Neou, Dolce Vita, Channel, Garamond, Matchbook, Gotham, Moon Flower, CAC Champagne, Lovelo, Ribbon, Halo Handletter, Market Deco, Glypha