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Drop & Go: UK

Drop & Go: UK


Earlier this month, while I was cooking dinner on a Monday night, going about my household ‘witching hour’ as usual (mamas, you can feel me on this one) I got a call from my Mum who told me that my Dad, who lives in the UK with my Step-Mum, had a serious heart attack over night, he was under sedation in intensive care. It did not look good. So began a whole shift in direction, priorities and a hell of a lot of international calls to family trying to figure out what was going on and finding out if I should be there. My parents live in a very rural area of the country, not an easy place to be when things go wrong. After speaking with someone at the hospital unit my Dad was in, they strongly urged that I get over, and as fast as possible.

I am the person you want around in a crisis when you have to sort things out, I kind of come into my own (I’m still undecided if this is a good trait or not!). Flights were booked for myself and my daughter, I had arranged to stay with my Aunt, booked a hire car to ensure we could get to the hospital regularly, packed our bags and sorted out everything we needed for the trip.

Of course, while the travel plans were all unfolding, I also had a land purchase about to go unconditional, a mortgage to finalise and decisions to be made on the build. Documents were rushed through, things were signed, power of attorney was sorted (just in case) and all the internal/exterior paint colours, finishes and fittings were decided upon with the build company so plans could be submitted to council while I was away. And then we were on a plane with 24 hours of finding out.

We arrived in the UK and went straight to the hospital, Dad was awake, not totally coherent, but we were there and would take it day by day. Between hospital visits, I took Grace to a few places and we reconnected with lots of family, despite the circumstances, it was good to see everyone.

My Dad is still in hospital awaiting two surgeries and will be there for around another month or so. Still not out of the woods, but in a better place than we started. Thank you to everyone for their sweet words via social media and email, it’s really meant a lot.

Here are some of my favourite snaps from our trip.

IMG_5486 IMG_5613 IMG_5641 IMG_5683 IMG_5301

Top: flowers picked from my Aunts garden, wading in the Arrow River which runs past the bottom of the garden, thistle with friends at Blists Hill Victorian Village, The Feathers Inn in Ludlow, Hereford Cathedral, my Aunts garden from the kitchen porch.