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DIY: Kitchen Pot Rack

DIY: Kitchen Pot Rack

DIY Pot Rack Foxes Blog

With the move all done and dusted, we are starting to make ourselves more at home. In a small house, my main rule is everything has a place without this rule, I would feel like I was living in an episode of ‘Hoarders’ which is not really my style.

In our kitchen, space is at a premium, especially bench space (sweet, precious bench space) and second to that is cupboard space, so in order to maximise both these commodities, you have to be a little creative….

  • Railing: I used a towel railing from Bunnings, $16 approx
  • Butchers hooks (1 for each pot) from Bunnings From $6-7 a pack (small) $7ea (large)
  • Pencil for marking holes
  • Power drill
  • Plastic plugs and screws (if the railing didn’t come with any, mine did, bonus!)

Foxes Blog Kitchen Rack3

Foxes Blog Kitchen Rack2

  1. Measure the length of your largest pot, hanging on a hook. This is how much space you will need to leave so your pots look tidy.
  2. Using a pencil, mark where the holes will need to be made. Ensure it’s level.
  3. Cover up whatever you’re drilling over
  4. Drill holes for the plastic plugs (you will only need to use these if you aren’t drilling into a stud i.e. into plain plaster board. If you don’t use them, it will probably all fall down) and affix the railing by screwing the screws into the plugs.
  5. Done! Hang your pots with the hooks and marvel at your handy work. Pats on the back an optional, but encouraged extra.

So for the best part of $40, I have a fancy-pants post rack in my kitchen. I have freed up cupboard space where I can now store something else (it’s my baking stuff, should the curiosity be taunting you) and the world is a better place.