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Crystal Vision: For Gather Magazine

Crystal Vision: For Gather Magazine

Some of my latest work in the August/September issue of Gather Magazine! I curated, styled and shot this stunning product shoot, inspired by the colours of crystals.

Crystals feature greatly around my home, I love that they are so beautiful and made from the smallest of particles and naturally turned into something so vibrant and unique under the ground. It’s pretty amazing! All the different colours and the way that they play with the light. This shoot was inspired by four of my favourites; Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz.


Ashley & Co Soother Tube $24.99 and Mini Soap Bar $9.50 in ‘Once Upon a Time’ from Shut The Front Door | All You Need is Love mug $9.95 from Freedom Furniture | Amethyst $320 from Crystal Waters | Amethyst pendant earrings $35 and Ring $95 from Elemental Jewellery | Anine Bing lace bralette $139 from Superette | Tiger Tree pompom earrings $34.99 and Ethique solid deodorant bar $24.99 from Shut The Front Door | By Charlotte lotus flower necklace $189 from Superette | Amethyst pendant $155 from Elemental Jewellery.

Smokey Quartz:

Smoke white wine glass $32.50 each, Troll vases in smoke in small $127 and large $162, WOUD racket oak tray in small $149 and WOUD Haak hook in grey $79 all from Capricho | Smokey Quartz $175 from Crystal Waters | Fluffy Fox keyring in noir $39 from Superette | Cloud Nine Creative tassel earrings $44 from Texan Art Schools | Ruby + Jet druzy earrings $29.99 and Gruff slab soap $14.99 from Shut The Front Door.

Rose Quartz:

Salt by Hendrix bath salts in Ylang Ylang & French Clay $29 and Slip silk sleep mask $65 from Superette | Rose Quartz point $65 and larger piece POA from Crystal Waters | Rose Quartz pendant $145 and ring $95 from Elemental Jewellery | Fox & Fallow notebook $17.99 from Shut The Front Door | The Horse watch $169 from Superette | Ban.Do pencils (set of 10) $22.99 from Shut The Front Door | Ring Bowl $39 from Superette | Matariki necklace $80.50 from Texan Art Schools.


Menu water bottle (small) $99 from Capricho | Citrine crystal $160 from Crystal Waters | Troll vases in amber in small $127 and large $162 | JS Ceramics gold splatter plate $29.90 from Texan Art Schools | Brass Morjim candle $12.95 from Freedom Furniture | Brass bottle opener $29.99 from Shut The Front Door | Agate Coasters $35 each from Superette | Marble bowl and wooden spoon $57 from Capricho | Tiger Tree gold 3 plate earrings $29.99 from Shut The Front Door | Cloud Nine Creative tassel earrings $44 from Texan Art Schools.