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Cheer Squad

Cheer Squad

“Why would you follow them, you don’t know them, that’s just weird”

This statement was said to me a few weeks ago, and at the time, I thought… actually, I won’t say exactly what I thought but it was sweary.

It totally baffled me; it was said in response of someone who set up a new business, their profile came up on Instagram in my suggestions of people to follow (love those big brother algorithms!). I mentioned I’d seen it and thought I should follow them to show them some support, especially seeing as this was something they were new to and passionate about and I am in the same industry, which was greeted with the above statement. Ridic.

This got me thinking, why would that ever be weird? Why, is showing your support to a stranger, out there, doing their thing, weird? *spoiler* it’s not. If everyone felt that way, nobody would ever get anywhere. Passionate people trying to get good stuff off the ground would have a hard time if everyone felt like that.

One of the things that I love most about social media is that is it S O C I A L. Funny that.

I work for myself (you can check out more about my freelance tips in this nifty post) and social media has meant a lot to me in getting what I do out there. It’s meant a lot with my blog, and helps me feel connected to other people doing similar things to me. I’ve made some amazing, friends through social media just because we are into and doing similar things. I’m not saying you should expect to be friends with everyone you support, but surely it’s way better to say “hey, I love what you are doing!” than just lurk about and not say anything at all.

When you work for yourself you are often working on your own, you don’t always have people to bounce ideas off and when you do get an idea out there; be it a new product or a whole new business, it’s flipping nerve wracking! I can think of several accounts I follow that I totally love and really admire what they are doing, and I know that they in turn support what I am doing too. I appreciate the comments and messages from people that I get, saying I inspire them, or they just like seeing what I’m up to. All the warm fuzzies. After all, social media is about creating a community, and a community is always better when it’s got rad people in it.

So, here are some of my favourite accounts doing cool things you should know about! Some of them I know in person, some of them I don’t but I like what they are about and you might too. Click the pics to check out their accounts.

Paper Theory

Imparting her sewing wisdom in her insta stories and doing cool stuff in Dunedin.

Hello Tanya

The most ‘mazing nail artist and has just set up her new label Dangly Bits with choice earrings.


I post about my girl Janine all the time, she’s amazing. Go buy her album.

Evie Kemp

Illustrator, story ranter, general awesome chick doing cool things on the socials with cute pets.


Ladies sneaker store in Australia, owned/operated by Murata, awesome chick working her ASS off.

Lucky Girl

AMAZING surprise t-shirt subscription with a portion of each sale going to womens refuge.