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Cheer Squad

"Why would you follow them, you don't know them, that's just weird" This statement was said to me a few weeks ago, and at the time, I thought

That Freelance Game

Let's just glide over the fact that I've not blogged since last year, and only blogged 7 times last year

2017: Year in Review

Well, 2017. What a year. It's been an interesting one, loads of good things, but there's definitely been an equal low for every high. And that is saying something. Starting at the beginning

Introducing: Oh Gosh

I've been a busy bee! Working on the launch of my latest venture, Oh Gosh! You may have noticed that on the sidebar, there has been an ad there for a little while (ohhhh, yeah) which lead to an under construction page

Drop & Go: UK

Earlier this month, while I was cooking dinner on a Monday night, going about my household 'witching hour' as usual (mamas, you can feel me on this one) I got a call from my Mum who told me that my Dad, who lives in the

Captured by Keryn

I was lucky enough to have the super lovely Keryn from Captured by Keryn come and have a mini shoot with Grace and I last week! My little miss is ridiculously photogenic (I think that skipped a few generations

Happy New Year!

So, I decided these holidays to actually have a holiday (go figure!) instead of spending time with a device in my hand, or sitting at my computer, I went out and did stuff. My little girl was off to her Nana's for 9 days and

Get Fit (Not Skinny)

Earlier this year I ran Round The Bays (ye-yah! Go me!), I wanted to keep that motivation going, not only to do a single achievement like run a race, but create healthy habits that fit in with a real lifestyle of being a busy, full time working