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Jessica’s Style: Cut It Out

A little clever peeking going on here with this cut out styling, I love that it can either look really strong and structured, or cute as a button like with the hearts. I'm more leaning towards the structure; how amazing is that mustard dress (6)!!

Jessica’s Style: Pretty Hues

The combination of pastel teal and pink is something I'm really liking at the moment. Especially when the pink is a neon or bright pink. Teamed with nudes, blacks (of course) I reckon is the way to go. It's so easy to pick up a

Jessica’s Style: Colour Pop

It's Monday! And yes, for those that noticed, Monday last week sort of got forgotten. I was just too busy and I do apologise to those that wait with baited breath for my Monday style posts

Jessica’s Style: Laced

Over the last 6 months or so, I've come to really quite like lace. Lace to me used to always be scratchy, nylon, plastic awful stuff that was itchy and made you look like a bogan (you know what I mean) but no longer! It's

Jessica’s Style: Best Dressed Boys

I'm a sucker for a well dressed man. I'm not going to lie about it or pretend it doesn't matter, because it does. I guess I think people look best when they feel comfortable in what they're wearing, I like a guy that can feel

Jessica’s Style: A Very Important Date

Okie dokie, well, as of late I've been going on a few first dates with some lovely gentlemen. Having been single and fancy-free for a year and just really enjoying my own company, I've decided that I'm not so closed off to the idea of

Jessica’s Style: Pretty Pleats

I love pleated skirts, when you walk in them they have a lovely 'swoosh'. I'm really liking this soft, feminine colour palette at the moment, lots of soft pinks, rose, mauve and soft blues.1. Rose oxfords 2. Outfit inspiration 3. Nude Kiko geo ring, available

Jessica’s Style: Worky Monday

Thought I'd try something a little bit different for todays post, no particular theme, just an outfit style I thought I'd put together. Something that I kinda feel like wearing today while running around working.I'm loving round neck sweatshirts at the moment, with a collared