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Jessica’s Style: Leather Layers

With the weather taking a definite turn over the last week, I've been reaching further back into the wardrobe for warmer clothes. The problem with Auckland, well, not really a problem, but you do tend to need to layer at this time of year; one

Jessica’s Style: Summer Holiday

First style post for 2013! Yowza! Sorry it's been a while, just been taking a wee break and what have you, refreshing ones enthusiasm for blogging and what have you. Since I've been on holiday (it's Summer here in NZ for those overseas readers) I've

Jessica’s Style: What I Fancy…

Sometimes, it's just nice to wander through the internet and pretend that it's your closet and you can choose whatever you like. I heard/read the other day from somewhere "I wish I could illegally download clothes from the internet" and sometimes, I think the same

Jessica’s Style: Shady Lady

As Summer is approaching (it's hard to believe as I sit here, typing with a torrential downpour outside..)  one of my favourite things to add to my wardrobe is sunglasses. Since I have had to wear glasses, I don't get to indulge in this as much as

Jessicas Style: Aquamarine

For those that know me (and follow these posts!) you will know I wear a lot of black. I don't mean to, I'm not some kind of repressed goth or anything, I'm a very happy and at times a cringe worthy positive person — I

Jessica’s Style: Spring Fling

Confession: when I decided to write this post, it was a beautiful, sunny day. The weather was mild and flowers were blooming and call it silly, but I was a little inspired. As I sit down to actually collate all the beautiful images and create

Jessica’s Style: Gold Hues

I don't actually wear gold, the jewellery I wear regularly is all silver, but there is something about gold that I've been warming to in the last few years. I know with having a pale complexion, gold is much softer on your skin and I

Jessica’s Style: A Blue Hue

Yeeeaaaahhhh! A style post! After a wee break and starting to get the hang of this working full time for other people thingy, I finally have some inspiration and am back to blogging! DId you miss me? I sure as hell missed you.When I was

Jessica’s Style: The Cat That Got The Cream

I love cats. I love my dog too, but I love cats just maybe a little bit more. I like that they're independent, their whiskers and of course their purring. If you don't like cats, this may not be the post for you

Jessica’s Style: Collared

As you know, I love a well polished look, I love having a collar done all the way up, pressed and perfect but what if you want to still wear a necklace with your shirt? Make it your own look? More and more retailers are