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Bedroom Bliss

Bedroom Bliss

With building my home, every room is a bank canvas, which may seem like a total dream to most people but sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming! So many options for most things, it all gets a bit too hard. My bedroom has been bumped to the end of the list frequently when it comes to the interior creativity, with working for myself, I don’t exactly spend much time in there.

I like simplicity in a bedroom; tones and textures, muted colours, soft lighting, minimal clutter with everything having a home and only things you love.

A great starting point is your linen, with fabric you can curl up into and feel comfortable, I recently got this beautiful 100% linen duvet set from Harvey Norman which is absolutely gorgeous. The quality is great, I was really pleasantly surprised at how soft it feels. The dark charcoal is the perfect palette for my bedroom, where I have paired with silk pillows and added texture with my wall hanging. I loved it so much I bought another set in the light grey!

If you’d like to re-create this look, head along to their online store. Shop here.