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Bedroom Bliss: Grace’s Moodboard

Bedroom Bliss: Grace’s Moodboard

G Bedroom Post

One of the most exciting things about building our own home, is that my little miss, Grace, can choose how to decorate her own room with Mama’s approval of course… Grace will be turning 10 (!!!) in a few months and while she’s not a little kid anymore, she’s not yet a teenager and is in a bit of a middle stage with her decor. Finding inspiration online can be tricky for this age too.

I wanted to create something that could grow with her; not too baby-like but not too grown up. By keeping large furniture choices simple with fun coloured accents it means she can edit as she grows up, with the idea that I won’t have to do much more until she moves out of home. She already has rose tones with white through her bedroom, and has requested mint as the main colour which I have used to put this together and will also work with the tones I am choosing for the rest of our house.

My tips for pre-teen decorating…
  • Keep furniture neutral, a simple white bed will most likely last until they move out of home.
  • Storage is key! Lots of shelving, under bed storage boxes for messy stuff like art gear or board games. This storage locker adds colour and works as a bedside too.
  • Your kids will want to paint their entire room one colour, a feature wall will be a much better idea when it comes to matching curtains or bedlinen.
  • It’s about now a desk in their bedrooms is something they really need, keep things tidy with these cute organisers.
  • Be fun with lighting; Grace has always wanted a chandelier in her room, I think it’s so over the top but it will look great and really inject some personality into the otherwise simple space.
Here is my inspiration for her bedroom so far…

1. Mint industrial chair from Kiwi Living 2. Hand illustrated panda pillow/toy from Thisby 3. Wire baskets, perfect for toys or shoes from Shut The Front Door 4. Mint Green storage locker from Shut The Front Door 5. Chandelier from Flux Boutique 6. Ceramic house desk organiser (set of 3) from Flux Boutique 7. Brass triangle trinket/jewellery box from Collected 8. Resene colours for her room with Humming Bird, Pretty In Pink and Lily White 9. Tassel garland from Collected 10. Graphic print ‘Flowers’ from Paperplane Store 11. Silver wire lights from Let Liv 12. Willow single bed from Freedom Furniture.