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Author: Jessica

Crystal Vision: For Gather Magazine

Some of my latest work in the August/September issue of Gather Magazine! I curated, styled and shot this stunning product shoot, inspired by the colours of crystals. Crystals feature greatly around my home, I love that they are so beautiful and made from the smallest of

Weekend Tunes: Ari Lennox

Oh hey it's a weekend tunes post! I'm on a roll with the blogging thing, may as well keep it cranking and I know how much you guys love my Weekend Tunes posts, there are now 120 of them! I love an accidental find, Ari

Cheer Squad

"Why would you follow them, you don't know them, that's just weird" This statement was said to me a few weeks ago, and at the time, I thought

That Freelance Game

Let's just glide over the fact that I've not blogged since last year, and only blogged 7 times last year

2017: Year in Review

Well, 2017. What a year. It's been an interesting one, loads of good things, but there's definitely been an equal low for every high. And that is saying something. Starting at the beginning

Weekend Tunes: Rayana Jay

How have I not heard about Rayana Jay until THIS WEEK?! Sometimes, you stumble across some real gems while looking for something totally different, then discover something amazing instead. Rayana Jay is 23 (!!!) she manages her own twitter account, and there's something I quite like

Bedroom Bliss

With building my home, every room is a bank canvas, which may seem like a total dream to most people but sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming! So many options for most things, it all gets a bit too hard. My bedroom has been bumped

New Balance Womens 247 Foxes Blog

Life in #247

Hellooooo gorgeous! New Balance have finally released their women's version of the highly popular, brand new mens silhouette, the 247, because they appreciate the ladies who love sneakers! I think it's awesome that New Balance have recognised that women want their sneakers as much as the