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Auckland Fair: On Film

Auckland Fair: On Film

As you know, it was the Auckland Fair on the 14th of June this year; and what a day! It’s is such a huge event now, almost unrecognisable compared to the humble market that happened at the Aotea Centre, but it’s still the same at the heart of the event, and that is what counts.

I’ve been wanting to have a video made of the event for the longest time; it’s the only way to show the strings pulling everything together, the early start, the fact that every single supplier/items/lightbulb has to be brought in on the morning of and packed away that same day – it’s a slick operation, and one that I am so proud of.

The amazing folks at Swift & Click put this together and I love it more than words can say. Go watch!

Auckland Fair 14th June 2015 from Auckland Fair on Vimeo.