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Askew One: Smoke Signals

Askew One: Smoke Signals

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the years most anticipated art exhibition openings; Askew One, Smoke Signals. His first solo show in five years (see, anticipated, not even exaggerating). The style of his new work is actually incredible when you see it up close, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I turned up but I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Most of the works have been painted using a mixture of acrylic and vinyl paint, something a little different from the guy we’ve gotten used to wielding a spray can, but different in a good way. It still reflected his style, felt progressive and comfortable, definitely not out of place. The detail was incredible, especially in ‘Pakeha On Crazy Island’ one of my favourite pieces, another favourite was ‘The New Imperialism’ series, consisting of two complimenting paintings.

The show is now open to the public, closing on the 22nd of March. Be quick! It’s definitely worth seeing, and Australis House is the perfect place to showcase this work, a great space.

Askew One : Smoke Signals
16th to 22nd March
The Australis Room, Australis House
36-38 Customs St, Britomart

‘Lightening Over Little Haiti’
‘Thunderclap Headache’
Askew One & Auckland Mayor, Len Brown in front of ‘The New Imperialism Part 2’
‘Pakeha On Crazy Island’