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Artist: Flox

Artist: Flox

I’m lucky enough to know some pretty great, talented people; and Hayley AKA Flox is no exception. Formerly part of the Cut Collective, Flox went out on her own a few years ago continuing to create her own stencil art, graphic prints and clothing line. Since then, she has honed in on what she loves — painting. Gone is her clothing line and is instead replaced with graphic prints on tees, so she can focus on art and custom projects.

This past Friday night was a little unveiling of her new studio space and some new artworks that she had created for Fly My Pretties — which of course I had to buy one for myself to add to my own walls!

13 Great North Rd, Auckland CBD
Ph: 963 4293

Light Boxes (the print I bought was the same as the Panther one in the centre)