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photo (1) (1)Annie (the musical) has hit New Zealand’s shores with much fanfare! I sent along my guest writer, Britta Sisam, to check it out on opening night this past Friday 13th and here is what she had to say…

When a musical fanatic like myself is given the opportunity to go and see a broadway classic set in stunning NYC and starring a real life dog, needless to say, expectations are high.

Seated in the Civic surrounded by 10 year olds, Annie exceeded my expectations. The glitz and glamour of New York in the 30’s was brought out through the ever-changing set, mixed with a fantastic ensemble who oozed American enthusiasm with both their songs and fab dance routines.

But, I have to say the highlight was the incredible young actresses playing the girls of Municipal Girls Orphanage. The cutest I swear was only two feet tall and managed to belt out a song and back it up with some slapstick comedy – hilarious. “It’s a hard-knock life” was a crowd favourite.

Zoe Fifield playing Annie was such a joy to watch, especially on stage with the dog, great chemistry (drip feeding treats probably helped there). I couldn’t look away from her rendition of ‘Tomorrow’.

All in all a great night, maybe a bit long for the little ones in the crowd (some of whom were fading at intermission) but definitely worth it for the Disney-esque feel-good factor.

– Britta Sisam

For more information you can visit the official website. Click here to purchase tickets.