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2017: Year in Review

Well, 2017. What a year. It’s been an interesting one, loads of good things, but there’s definitely been an equal low for every high. And that is saying something.

Starting at the beginning…

January 2017 saw me move into my second year of relying on Oh Gosh to support myself. And I hadn’t starved yet so I must be doing something right?

In February, business is great and I met someone lovely (aww).

March saw my business continue to grow, with loads of regular clients and some brilliant projects. I was featured in local community paper, Junction.

April, one year anniversary for Oh Gosh! Officially, one year of active trading anyway.

In May I was featured on TVOne’s show, Seven Sharp, my face and business ethos was beamed into homes across the country. Lovely emails poured in and it was amazing to have been so inspiring to so many people. You can watch it here if you fancy.

May was also the time that I first experienced hurting myself through way too much work, and had to have my arm strapped up for weeks… Not great, but it reminded me about work-life balance, and that I need to look after myself.

June was the very last Auckland Fair. My baby, that I had grown from the ground up way back in 2010 was coming to a close, it was bitter-sweet. June was also my birthday month, with my local restaurant, Sandbar, closing for me and putting on a custom menu for me and my friends, it was amazing!

In the depths of Winter, July rolls around, loads of work is pouring in. Things don’t work out with the lovely person I’d met earlier in the year and I finish some client relationships that are in no way healthy, being the main cause of my arm issues.

August, my baby girl turns 12 (!!) and my home was featured in Your Home & Garden Magazine. My house across 10 pages and it looks great. I get so many amazing emails and messages from people, inspired by my story of moving out of Auckland and creating my own space on a budget.

September is filled with heaps of client work, hustling, voting in the general election (of course). It was also the time when my 94 year old Nan got really, really sick and we thought that we were about to say goodbye. She’s pretty stubborn though and pulled through. Go Nana.

During October, I introduced Gather Magazine! Launching in January 2018 officially, but October saw me share my fresh new concept with everyone. I also did what feels like a million photoshoots and some great client work.

November, we had a visit from my little brother, Oli, who lives in the UK. I sold my car, bought a new one. I had grief from my wisdom teeth (due to come out in Feb 2018, suckers). I discovered that I have asthma, and had a few scary nights there. Not a great month in all honesty.

Actually, during October and November, I got sucked into the vortex that was someone else’s personal drama. It stole a huge amount of my energy and took my focus away from what I should have been working on, but come December…

December, I’m thinking about my year and everyone in it that has made it positive, I’m trying not to dwell on the mistakes or the people I should have just walked away from, because after all, it’s all learning. I’m planning for 2018, working out what I need to do for my projects, my business and my family.

I’m feeling like myself again — a positive, glass is full, girl boss hustler and I’m pretty excited about next year. Just in the nick of time.