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100 Days Project

100 Days Project

Yesterday, I dropped by the 100 Days exhibition with my friend, Jade and my Lil G after catching up for a coffee. It’s currently open for you to peruse and be inspired by at the Australis House in Britomart, which in itself is a cool space with exposed brick walls and loud, wooden floors. The general concept is to choose a medium and create something new each day, for 100 days — only limited by your own creativity.

There was so much there, this is only a tiny fraction of a few of my favourites…

Floral Crowns

Erin Ellie

Corinne Tan Tania Summich

Sarah Jayne Kavali

Ede Rogan


Corinne Tan

1. Flower Crowns (artist, I unfortunately didn’t make a note of) 2. Floral Illustrations by Erin Ellie 3. Tassels by Tania Sumich 4. Perfume illustration by Sarah Jayne Kavali 5. Ede Rogan images of Alice 6. Dried flowers and plants by ‘Mummy’ 7. Love Letters by Corinne Tan