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Weekend Tunes: Very Tall Stories

Weekend Tunes: Very Tall Stories

Seriously New Zealand, congratulations on pulling up your socks and producing some farkin AMAZING music. It might be NZ Music Month, but everyone that I have posted about is worthy of a weekend tunes post regardless! I do like though that we put a little spotlight on our music makers for a whole month once a year.

You might not have heard of Very Tall Stories as yet, so let me introduce them to you; Foxes readers, Very Tall Stories, they are your new favourite soul group. Fronted by Tom Everett and backed by an awesome band that has all the right elements, they’re currently based in Auckland and in February this year, released their first album (you can buy it on iTunes here). Show them some facebook love too.

Enjoy this tune, Home, it’s a goodie. Shot in and around Christchurch just after the first earthquakes.

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