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Weekend Tunes: Amy Winehouse

Weekend Tunes: Amy Winehouse

I know that there have been a lot of tragedies lately (Norway, my heart is breaking for you and Somalia in famine after having 2 years of no rain) but another tragedy; Amy Winehouse passed away last week. Only 27. Having just turned 28 myself recently, this just feels like such a waste of a life that could have given so, so much. Her substance abuse was salivated over by the media (something that I think is in such bad taste and which they are also doing in her death) and I think that media spotlight didn’t do her any favours with trying to get better.  It is hard enough to tackle addiction in the privacy of your family and friends, let alone with most of the world watching and waiting for you to fail.

This is one of my favourite tracks from her, In My Bed; and what a fox she is in this video too! How I’ll be remembering her anyway.

RIP Amy, the music you made really was awesome.

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