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Off To The Theatre… Jersey Boys & Angelina Ballerina

Off To The Theatre… Jersey Boys & Angelina Ballerina

The last couple of weeks have been a little different for me, I’ve been to see two shows! It’s not usually my cup of tea, musicals and such but I’ve had such a blast. Do I sense a new page being turned? Let me rewind a little bit….

I was gifted two tickets to the preview of Jersey Boys on the 10th of April, I had no idea what to expect, so I took along an open mind (and my friend Carl) and had a wonderful time! It was a great, fast paced performance with many “ohhhh, that song!” moments scattered throughout, the audience was clapping along, the actos were hilarious and the costumes were just fantastic. So many beautiful shoes! If you’re not really into musicals, this is definitely one that you could see without feeling like you’re being bombarded with song. Check out the Jersey Boys website for ticket and date information.

The beautiful entrance to the Civic Theatre, home of musicals
The set before the show…
The other event that has been counted down in our house, was a trip to see Angelina Ballerina which was put on by the Royal New Zealand Ballet. My daughter has been so excited about this, we’d bought tickets months ago and not a lot of sleep was had the night before. As a special treat we booked the 6.30pm show so that we could go out to dinner beforehand. 
The Ballet was at the Bruce Mason Centre, a really great, kid friendly venue and there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. The show itself was quite magical with the progression of costumes during each act getting better and better. I, didn’t think much of the show as a whole, but I’m not the target market! 6 year old Grace however was mesermised and had the best time, she’s still talking about it 3 days later… for ticket and show information, visit this website.
Grace with her Angelina doll
The moment Angelina Ballerina appeared… magic

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