Weekend Tunes: Banks

banks I stumbled across Banks a few weeks ago (as you do) and it’s been pretty much been in my headphones non-stop. She is from LA in the States and you can buy her album here (which you should). Also, how amazing is the typography she’s used for her name?! Love. It.

Here’s two of her tracks that I love (another ‘Fuck Em Only We Know’ I couldn’t find on Soundcloud but go listen to that too).

Happy weekend!

Love Your Mug

Theres nothing I quite like more than having my own mug on my desk during the day! I’ve started a new contract this week, and I’ll definitely be taking my Meadowlark for SPCA mug into the office for my coffee.

Here are some of my favourite vessels.

Clockwise from top left: Stay Focussed mug from Click & Blossom, Madame mug from Crushes at The Bread & Butter Letter, Best Job In The World mug from Click & Blossom, Love Cats mug by Meadowlark for SPCA New Zealand.

Change Your (Desk)Top

Desktop-Download Seeing as it’s nearly the beginning of Spring (yes!!) I recently gave my hard drive a spring clean; I tidied my desktop, organised files (even the misc. one *shudder*) and I updated my desktop.

So, I thought I would put together a sweet as little round up of my favourite desktop papers that I like to use. You know, because sharing is caring and you deserve to have pretty stuff to look at during the day.

Click on the one you want to go to the original source and download.

Hustle OhSoLovely-Scallop2-01 ananas-rain2 May-Desktop3 believe_by_cocorie-d76uu38

Bangle-Tastic: Megan McKean

multi New York Paris san fran

I love the work of Megan McKean, especially these gold and enamel bangles depicting city-scapes. She’s based in Sydney (just over the ditch!) and also designs illustrations of souvenir scarves.

One of these beauties will set you back about $75, collect your favourite cities for a colourful bangle-jangle! Check out her Etsy store, here.

Weekend Tunes: Tokimonsta


I’ve been exploring a lot on Soundcloud lately, finding new music and artists I’ve never heard of before doing their own thing, and it’s great!

I stumbled across Tokimonsta via another artist I like, I love this tune, perfect for a sunny weekend like this…

Auckland Fair: Ten Fairs!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.56.38 pm 10-Fairs-Oh-Yeah-montage


If you’re thinking that it’s been mighty quiet on the blog as of late, well, you’d be right. I’ve been throwing myself into quite a few things (new job hunting, licking wounds after various breaking of hearts by boys etc.) one of those things being the Auckland Fair! Formerly the Auckland Art & Craft Fair, it’s had a long overdue rebrand and a general polish up, there is a new venue (Shed 10!), new sponsors and a brand new website that I’ve been busy creating.

Oh, and the other thing, I’m now doing the Fair on my own. Which, I’ve discovered many people already thought I did it on my own, so that has been interesting finding out along the way! So that makes it slightly busier, but nothing I can’t handle. The best thing about working on a passion project like this on your own, is that you have total creative control. All those barriers that were holding things up before are no longer there, it’s awesome to see things change for the better, and have others’ notice the change as well.

I’m really excited about the future of the Auckland Fair and I hope that you can come and see it for yourself! If you would like to sign up to hear about more (either as a visitor or a vendor) you can do so here.

Auckland Fair
Sunday 7th December
Shed 10, Auckland Waterfront
11am to 3pm, $2 on the door

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