This or That: Anti-Aging Creams


I often get mistaken for a much younger me (23-24 usually) and since turning 30 mid last year I am in NO WAY complaining about this, heck, I’ve been known to hug people that do and never will I question the quality of their eye-sight.

I put it down to a) good genes b) spending more time than most of my peers at home having quiet nights with being a mum and c) deciding at 24-25 to start looking after my skin and using ‘anti-aging’ products. I always feel that a focus on prevention is better than trying to reverse anything, combine that with a pretty-good-most-of-the-time diet and you’ll be onto something good. I am not a product snob; sure, I love a fancy cream or make-up as much as the next person, but if I can get a good result from a supermarket brand, I am not going to question it. Here are two, readily available products, so twenty-to-thirty-something ladies, listen up.

Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Pore Refining Day Cream with SPF15
Price: Approximately $16 NZD

What they say: Increases the skin’s natural Q10 and creatine levels, fights wrinkles from within light, non-greasy formulation specifically developed for combination & oily skin fast absorbing & refines pores helps prevent new wrinkles through an increased UVA + UVB protection SPF15. More here.

What I say: I really love how light this cream is, it goes on easily and makes an excellent base for make-up in the morning without leaving my skin feeling like an oil slick. It has a fresh scent that isn’t over powering or heavily perfumed. I have quite fickle combination skin and this doesn’t give me breakouts but keeps my skin nicely moisturised. The packaging is great, with a solid glass jar that lets you get every last bit out, no wasting! Having used this consistently, I have noticed an excellent result with fine lines and skin tone.

Price: 9/10 very cost effective and easy on the pocket. Product: 9/10 does what it says on the box!
Verdict: 18/20 great product and would add this to my daily routine.

Olay Total Effects 7 in one Day Cream
Price: Approximately $34 NZD

What they say: This daily facial moisturiser provides 7 anti aging benefits in 1 formula for visibly younger-looking skin. Moisturises to firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. Fights 7 signs of aging. More here.

What I say: This cream is a very smooth and very rich formula which can feel a bit heavier on my skin than I would like and is a little slower to absorb, but once it’s fully absorbed my skin felt smooth and soft. It has a pleasantly perfumed scent, that isn’t as strong after a few minutes. The packaging is a pump style bottle which is a bit harder to know how much you have left, because this felt heavier for me, I did use less than a full pump which does mean it lasts longer. I felt this product did what it said it would; it reduced fine lines, my skin felt soft, nourished and refined.

Price: 6/10 not the cheapest item. Product: 7/10 lovely product that would be better suited to dryer skin, but very happy with the results.
Verdict: 13/20 another great product for the price it sells at, makes for a great addition to your daily routine!

Nivea Q10, purchased by myself. Olay Total Effects, provided care of Olay.

THE FINE PRINT*** The views expressed in any/all product reviews are totally and 100% my own. Products that are gifted to me or provided ‘care of’ are stated, all others are purchased by myself. Should you have a product you think would be suitable for reviewing, please visit my contact page for more information. 

Noms: Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls Uncooked Cinnamon Rolls Dressed Cinnamon Roll

I had such a hankering for cinnamon rolls the other week. I decided to make some! They were rather simple and didn’t last very long once they came out of the oven. I followed this recipe here, with a few small changes (detailed below).

  • Activate your yeast before adding it to the recipe. I didn’t do this the first round and ended up with the best looking doorstops you’ve ever seen.
  • Cut the sprinkled dough into strips and then roll up, rolling the whole thing is quite hard to make it tight enough. I did that (as above) and they turned out great.

Now, I think I might go and make another batch…

Happy Easter

Frida Stenmark bunny

Happy Easter Foxes! I hope you’re all having a restful break (with or without religion) filled with late starts and delicious brunch choices.

I had grand plans of blogging for the weekend, but that was dashed when I was electrocuted by my clothes dryer on Saturday. Nothing like mains electricity through your body and a smart trip to A&E once you’d figured out you had best be checked out after half your body was numb to put a bit of rain on your plans. Then, on Sunday we came home from a beautiful family afternoon tea to find the house flooded after the washing machine pipe had come loose. All you can do is laugh, really!

In saying that, I do realise how lucky I am to get away unscathed; the doctors and nurses made sure I was aware of this by dropping everything as soon as I walked in, popping me in a wheelchair and hooking me up to machines for an ECG and what not. Electricity is scary stuff.

On a brighter note, I love this watercolour bunny by Frida Stenmark. She does some beautiful illustrations!

Favourite Fonts

My name is Jessica, and I love typography. A lot. A whole lot. I’d love to be able to design my own typeface, but I am my own worst critic (that, and I would hate for it to be abused with terrible kerning or similar and have no control over it once it’s out there, so there you go) so it hasn’t happened yet.

These are some of my absolute favourite fonts, I use a lot of these in my design work and 3 of them are on this blog because I love them so much. Some are free (yay!) and some are not, but they are absolutely worth every penny. I’m a little secretive about fonts I like; when I get a good one I hide it away so I can use it and only share the knowledge with my designer friends. But sharing is caring.

The right typeface can completely change a design, just like the wrong one can. I’m not going to preach on about all that, this post is about sharing the love and some of my favourite finds with you! The deal is, once you have this powerful knowledge, it must be only used for good. Enjoy!

Favourite-Fonts-March-2014 Din, Adam Gorry, Quicksand, Neou, Dolce Vita, Channel, Garamond, Matchbook, Gotham, Moon Flower, CAC Champagne, Lovelo, Ribbon, Halo Handletter, Market Deco, Glypha

Meadowlark: New Collection, Ritual

It’s no secret how much I love Meadowlark, and those clever buggers have gone and released their most gorgeous collection (in my opinion) to date, Ritual and my bank account is sobbing quietly in a dark corner.

Meadowlark is the product of Auckland based husband and wife, Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont, they make a good team with jewellery dripping from celebs the likes of Lorde, Florence Welch, Bat for Lashes and Grimes.

Hide your credit card before you scroll down…

ritual hands

metro image ritual look book image Images borrowed kindly from the Meadowlark website and facebook page.

Weekend Tunes: Estere


Last week, I was lucky enough to see Erykah Badu, live. She played at the Civic in Auckland and it was the most amazing, moving, just frikkin awesome concert I have been to in what feels like a lifetime. She was on fire and played the best set that was everything I wanted (lots of Baduizm and Mamas Gun) and more, including a 30 minute encore.

But this post, is about her support act, Estere. A gal from Wellington who should have had the Civic packed out just for her. She was amazing. I’ve heard her on the radio before as I have been driving and could never remember who it was. Watching her was amazing; she had a modest set up with just her MPC, keyboard and 2 mics, but holy hell, watching her use those items was an experience on her own, this girl knew her stuff. Not only was she using everything in a way that would put most MPC enthusiasts to shame, she had impeccable timing and would pop a few dance moves at just the right time before changing the beat at just the right moment. All the while singing with the most amazing voice, she carried herself and owned it. Loved her.

Here’s the track of hers that I first heard, Cruel Charlie. Enjoy!

 Image kindly borrowed from Estere’s Facebook page

Jessica’s Style: Smokey Eye

With wearing glasses for the last few years, I tend to veer away from wearing heavy eye make-up, but it’s so fun to do and I love the way it looks, sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and do it anyway! Live on the edge! Here are my smokey eye tips…

Smokey Eyes Make up used: Revlon Perle in 045 Black Galaxy, BYS Kohl Liner in 01 Black, MAC shadow in Shroom and Maybelline Colossal Volum Express in black. 

  • Easy, tiger: slow down, give yourself plenty of time to get the job done evenly and use good natural light. Not a look to attempt when you have 5 minutes before you walk out the door…
  • Start with a fresh base: Keep your face make-up clean and fresh, do use highlighting and contouring and of course blush or you’ll end up looking 90′s goth (and as cool as that was, having been one at one stage in my life, not the look we want today).
  • Line those baby blues: tight-line your eyes and fill in your your brows (here is a good tutorial to tight-line, I’ll do my own at some stage as my technique is a little different.)
  • Beginning, Middle, End: start from the crease of your eye and work your way out, be sure to blend, blend, blend and take the shadow around the outer lower lashes.
  • Finishing touch: curl your beautiful lashes and apply your blackest mascara

What about your lips? I’m of the mindset that you play up your eyes or you play up your lips, very rarely do I do both unless I’m out for the evening a bit later. For this look, I put on a peachy lip liner for some simple colour, and a sheer gloss for some shine. You need something as bare lips will make you look washed out, but keep it simple.

And there you go!

Sweet Dreams: Cotton On Kids

HOLD ME BACK!! I want all the things! Can I please be a kid again? Cotton On have just launched their new range of kids bedding, and I’m pretty sure that big kids like you and I could have these too… With names like Moonrise (which I am hoping is a nod to Mr. Wes Anderson), Sunshower and Silver Lining you can’t help but love them.

One of each, please.

Moonrise Duvet Cover   Silver Lining Cushion   Sunshower Duvet Cover   Cuddle Up Cushion Raincloud   Silver Lining Duvet Cover   Cuddle Up Cushion Lightening


My Bag (what’s in it, specifically)

I’ve been meaning to do one of these posts for the longest time, and finally found a little spot for it on the blog! So what do I always have with me in my bag? I’m a simple gal, I don’t need much.

  • Leather cross body bag from Farmers (yes, Farmers) the PERFECT size and lined with the cutest floral fabric
  • Citta Design leather wallet, complete with photo of child
  • D&G Specs, for seeing and frivolous activities like that
  • Chanel sunglasses, darling (also, prescription)
  • A nice, inky pen, this one if from Kikki-K
  • iPhone, which has since been replaced with an iPhone 5s and I’ve never looked back
  • Inhaler, because breathing is so amazing
  • Bobby pins, always be prepared!
  • MAC Lipstick in Please Me, the shade that matches everything
  • Perfume atomiser filled with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
  • Blistex!
  • Hairties
  • Blogger business cards, of course

Hand Bag Essentials

Since taking this photo I have also added a pocket mirror and headphones for catching the bus to work.

What do you carry around that you just can’t be without?

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