Jessica’s Style: #AlwaysSneakers

Oh sneakers. Wonderful, comfortable and stylish sneakers. You look good with everything and I literally, can’t get enough. Or trainers, if you’re me actually. To be honest, it does feel weird calling them sneakers, I had my love for kicks first ignited seriously when I lived in the UK way back in 1998, and there, they are trainers….

Foxes Blog Style March 2016

I’d always loved trainers, but when I arrived in the UK as a doe eyed 15 year old, that was when that love got serious. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time hanging out with my friends in skate stores, checking out the latest shoe releases, working out how we could beg the shop owner for us to have access to the newest ones first (with our friends staff discount of course, because we were broke as hell, living on toast) before the full price paying customers could get a look in. Needless to say, it didn’t often go in our favour. (more…)

Weekend Tunes: KAYTRANADA


Have a posted about Kaytranada before? Probably. Do I care? Hell no. This is such a smooth tune for your weekend, it would be cruel not to tell you all about it. Follow this guy on Soundcloud if you can, always popping out gems like this one. Available to purchase too. Get into it!

Image kindly borrowed from here

The Auckland Fair is coming!

Auckland Fair 13th March poster, from

As many of you may already know, in March last year I took the plunge and went into running the Auckland Fair full time! I finished up my contract job and began working 100% for myself. I may be paying myself in peanuts (sometimes, there are actual peanuts) and be working like a dog almost every single day, but really, I wouldn’t want my career choice to be any different. And the good news is, I haven’t starved yet.

So now, I have to mark the occasion and celebrate, and what better way to do that then with another Auckland Fair! A bonus, totally sweet and juicy, cherry on the top type of Auckland Fair. Packed with heaps of rad stuff, plus all the usual movers and shakers in the NZ creative community. Definitely one not to miss.

Happening on 13th of March, mark it in yo diary.

Mixtape Extravaganza

Mixtape Extravaganza from Mixtape Extravaganza from

Happy Valentines day and all that. This isn’t really a valentines post as such, but I guess it kind of is? I recently met a nice person (easy tiger, don’t go counting the chickens or anything) and when we first started talking, there was banter around mixtapes and valentines day. Do people still do that anymore? They asked me, heck yes is what I of course replied with. And if not, then they should. There was some joking around the giving of mixes, and I decided to keep up my end of the bargain, because making someone a mixtape is awesome and takes a whole lot of effort, way more than giving a generic card or some flowers. Well it does if you are me and you turn it into a super fun project… I’m still waiting for my mixtape, but the day is young and who knows, I might get a link to a personalised spotify playlist later on.

So what did I end up making? Well, a personalised playlist (click here if you want to have a nosey) to me just wasn’t going to cut it. I’m a creative, who at the time was procrastinating and this was the perfect excuse. I needed something to physically give the playlist on, enter a totally rad USB of one of their favourite things after a few hours searching online it was ordered and on it’s way. I needed something to put it in, an actual tape case! A quick trip to the local op-shop had that sorted. Genius. But then I needed something to pop inside the case, a cover. I started to design a sheet with the tracks handwritten, but that was boring. So instead I started making them a personalised colouring in sheet, which morphed into illustrations from most of the tracks on the actual playlist, plus some in-jokes and personalised illustrations. It’s something that served it’s purpose as a cover and was kind of fun if you had some down time.

But how do you tell them why you chose each one? So, I made a second sheet that was an interactive PDF…. where all the icons became coloured in and had pop-art inspired text boxes pop up as you put moved the mouse over each one. A stroke of genius. I think I’ve gone too far. Or I’ve out done myself. By now, this had taken two full days to create and I was wondering if I should actually give this to them…

Needless to say, I did, I got a pretty awesome reaction when I became brave enough it actually give it to them and I’m pleased that I did. So, things can go either way now; it’ll make a cool story for our grandkids, or I’ll forever be remembered as that chick that gave them the best mixtape in the history of mixtapes. And both are pretty cool options.

Weekend Tunes: Kali Uchis

Weekend Tunes: Kali Uchis via

Happy New Year! What better way to welcome in 2016 than with some new tunes? In February. Yeah sorry about that. Life just sort of gets in the way. Anyhoo…

Kali Uchis is a Columbian born 23 year old, living and creating music in Virginia in the States. This tune is such an ear worm and I like it way too much. She’s just released a new album that is available for download on her website, where you can also see the clip for this track. The album is quite different to this (which I personally think is a bit of a shame) but it’s definitely worth a listen. I likey.

Image Credit: Joyce Kim for Fader Magazine

Foxes Grand Designs: Progress + Process (and some tips)

framing building wrap joinery lining kitchen ready truck ready on truck onsite temp foundation

It’s all been a bit quiet on the build progress front on the blog, not because nothing has been happening, but because it’s happening so fast! It’s been hard to keep up.

I had chosen to have a home built offsite, then trucked in, commonly called a ‘pre-fab’ this kind of building process isn’t quite the norm in New Zealand, a little looked down on, and I have no idea why, it’s amazing and I think more people should do it. It’s faster, it’s cheaper and you get the same quality product IF you don’t mind planning everything in advance and putting a lot of trust into a building company.

After 5 weeks since construction began, my house was shifted onto site on Friday just gone (23rd October 2015) just like that. Over the next 6 weeks, the site connections will be completed, decking will be built, base boards will be added around the foundations (I like to think of it as a petticoat for a house) and the internal fit off will be done including appliances installed and my wooden flooring added to the kitchen/living/dining. And then we move in! True story. Eleven weeks, on time and on budget.

I’ve been sharing my progress with friends and family via facebook, and one question I have been asked by lots of people was how the hell am I able to do this… well listen in! (more…)

Grand Designs: Kitchen Moodboard


I’m super excited to finally be able to share my kitchen mood board for my new build! I never thought that this was going to be quite so difficult, but as a person with so many ideas, it was really hard to cut back on the old imagination. But, a limited budget sure is good at helping.

My kitchen will be in the centre of the house, over looking my northern facing aspect (plan below). It will be a huge part of my main living area as you can tell and it needs to integrate into the space as an extension of the living room, working with my other furnishings while still being a practical space. So, no pressure or anything. (more…)

Wanderlust with The Eye Must Travel

Hola-Spain Japan-Map Lets-Go-SouthAsia Necklace-Insitu Necklace Rings

Yes! Rosie and Olivia are back. Who are they you might ask? They’re two pals behind Auckland based, The Eye Must Travel, who both live to travel to far off places, while every now and then checking back home to New Zealand for a dose of creativity.

Lucky for you, they are both in the country at the moment and are busy making their famous (in New Zealand) map cut outs, jewellery and statement necklaces.

Peruse their full collection on their Facebook page and get some of this into your life.

Images kindly borrowed from The Eye Must Travel.

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